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One of the top agendas of the present administration in the State of Osun ably led by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is infrastructural projects and particularly road construction.

Since the inception of the administration seven years ago, Ogbeni Aregbesola has continued to construct roads in both the rural and urban parts of the state.

Believing that the roads are Key to economic growth in the state, Aregbesola has moved beyond criticism and brought a new face to the State of Osun. Although the wind of change can be felt in all nooks and cranny of the state, we however bring you the top ten roads in the state of Osun;

1. Ola Iya/ Odi Olowo Junction Opening

The popular Ola Iya junction sits in the capital of the State named “Osogbo”. This is a junction in the middle of Osogbo that leads to various ends of the state.

Shortly before the exit of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola from office as Governor of the state, traffic lights were introduced to some major junctions in the state capital. One of such junctions was the Orita Ola Iya/ Odi Olowo Junction. Other points within the state capital were the Old Garage Roundabout and the Oke Fia Roundabout. It was initially conceived that the congestion of the time was due mainly to huge vehicular movement in and out of the city.

The emergence of Aregbesola, a trained and seasoned Mechanical Engineer, tested and trusted, in the saddle of governance discovered other concrete causes of this unnecessary congestion and created ways to tackle it.

Now apart from being modernly handled to tackle congestion, the road now nicknamed “Workers’ drive” commemorating the workers of the State, has been renovated, widened, giving the state capital the first beautiful impression about the generality of the state.Olaiya – Okefia Road, Osogbo at Night

2. Freedom Park

As far as the stretch of the area hitherto referred to as Old Garage in Osogbo, the state capital is concerned; the Freedom Park is clearly one of the greatest accomplishments of the Rauf Revolution.

Before the wave of success which brought the revolution came about, there was a slum patch of rickety shops and stalls where itinerant traders sold odds and ends. Right and left, at the roadsides, haphazardly-located shops and stalls, which were clearly efforts taken in the uglification process of a state capital, littered all available spaces. Before now, the Osun Capital Territory Development authority and other town planning authorities merely existed for the fun of it.

The genesis of the evolution process which brought the Freedom Park into being derived from the master plan contained in the policy document of Ogbeni Aregbesola. In that policy document, where he highlighted the Six-Point Integral Action Plan with which he vowed to govern his people; and which formed his pact with them; the seasoned administrator vowed to revamp the rail transport system as a veritable mode of transportation. For that plan to materialize properly, the railway terminus in the centre of the state capital must be standardized, cleared and provided with well-befitting warehouses.The Busy State of The Freedom Park In Osogbo

Today, the ensuing Freedom Park is not only beautiful to behold; but also presents an ample space for decent assemblies, congresses and other forms of rendezvous. All these events being held at the venue are staunch sources of revenue for the proprietor of the space, the Government of the State of Osun. As part of the purposes of the park, motorists who have businesses to transact at the New Orisunmbare Market or elsewhere around the centre have ample spaces to park their vehicles without disturbing the flow of traffic.The Busy State of The Freedom Park In Osogbo

3. Oke Fia / Alekuwodo

This road was initially constructed by the first military administration of Colonel Leo Segun Ajiborisa in the state. Subsequently, it received facelift from the first and second civilian administrations of Alhaji Isiaka Adeleke and Chief Bisi Akande respectively. Still, the road appeared like that of a glorified rural settlement. Its overriding importance, apart from the fact that it is situated in the heart of the state capital, is corroborated by the fact that almost all workers making it to the state capital from Iwo, Ilobu, Ejigbo, Ede and other axes of the state; even Ikirun/ Ila Orangun axes, en route Ring Road must pass through this road for one reason or the other.

Shows some of the 21 selected roads (26.40km) in Osogbo Township in
the State of Osun newly commissioned by Governor Rauf Aregbesola on
Monday 28-04-2014Olaiya – Okefia Road, Osogbo at Night[/caption]

4. Orita Sabo/ Orita Elelede/ Igbonna / Owode/ Oluode

These network of roads were not so good at the time of the ascension of power of the incumbent administration.

They were too narrow and devoid of drainages for easy flow and passage of erosion water. Few kilometres down the Orita Elelede axis down Ahmadiyyah Junction down to Obalende could be found the ever-troublesome River Gbonmi, which was a perennial cause of water flooding.

The roads today have been fixed, with deep and wide drainages. Also, the roads are wide enough to allow for convenient roadside parking spaces for motorists.A cross section of the 300km council roads built across all Local Governments Areas in the state of Osun

5. Orita Gbeemu / Isale Aro / Our Lady of Saint Francis Axis Road

This road was in a deplorable state before the emergence of the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola in the saddle of governance in the State of Osun. That stretch of road was not wide enough for two vehicles to share at the same time. As the case was with almost all the so-called roads in the state, the road was also devoid of drainage cum sewage system. Since two oncoming vehicles could not make too convenient a use of the road, it is needless to recount the predicament which pedestrians would be facing during their daily hustle-bustle and toil on the road.

The road has however, like the others, been reconstructed, making it one of the best top ten roads in the state.

6. Odi Olowo/ Baptist High School / Gbodofon/ Aregbe Axis

This access road, an obvious exit from and link to the ever-busy Gbongan Road from the interior of the city was in a complete state of disrepair as at the time the Aregbesola administration came on board in the state in November 2010. The administration swung promptly into action in carrying out the reconstruction of that important road.

Pessimists were dazzled as it transited from one stage to another until completion. Today, that road provides good ample link between the interior of the town and the exit Gbongan Road; obviously, the one and only aside the Olaiya/ Odi Olowo Road.NYSC-LAKEU-YIDI ROAD, ORORUWO(LG ROAD)BORIPE LOCAL GOVERNMENT IKIRUN(IFELODUN-BORIPE-ODO OTIN FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY

7. Oke Fia / Rasco Cinema / Old Garage Opening

This axis constituted one of the gravest trouble spot in Osogbo metropolis, especially in years preceding the emergence of the Aregbesola administration in office. In terms of environmental sanitation challenges; in terms of water erosion and flooding; in terms of indiscriminate waste disposal; the challenges were too rife to cope with. Residential and commercial structures were indiscriminately erected with gross violation to all known rules.

Beyond the Railway Crossing toward the Old Garage centre was especially perilous in all ramifications; even to the average pedestrians. The goriest event in living memory at that railway crossing is the carnage involving one intra-city commercial mini bus (korope) and a locomotive train. That accident recorded one casualty, and it is just one of the many which occurred in the city.

At the Old Garage end from Oke Fia; just after the level crossing, there also was the presence of traffic lights. But these traffic lights were not just the panacea to the myriads of problems militating against residents and passers-by of our roads. The Aregbesola administration wielded the magic wands, as it saw the timely need for broadening of the roads.

Today, the road has been broadened to ease off traffic for those exiting toward the old MDS area without unnecessary delays and hiccups.

8. Rasco / Railway Station / Old Sawmill / Ola Iya Link

Before the administration, making passage from Rasco Cinema end via a shortcut to Ola Iya Junction would present a spectacle of ghettos and residential buildings ready to collapse at any time or be subsumed by the spate of apparently unavoidable perennial flooding. This stretch of land as well is the property of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

Most of these structures looked dilapidating and they were annual hosts to water flooding. During rainy seasons, many of the occupants fled to other places, pending the time when the floods would subside! Beyond the river, both at the Railway Station side and at the side overlooked by the Dugbe Police Station, there were patches of bushes which appear dangerous as they could be ready hide-outs to hoodlums and drug addicts who could be the same bunch of criminals unleashing various shades of terror on residents.

9. West Bypass a.k.a. Ring Road

This road had been in existence since the time of some military administration in the state. It was however brought to the present level of conceptualization by the administration of Chief Bisi Akande. The road, stretching from the Mobile Police Headquarters Junction /rare of Osogbo City Stadium to link the Osogbo-Iwo Road at Dele Yessir area spans between 15 and 20 kilometres. It also presents a stretch of good motorable road to motorists who intend to avoid the hustle-bustle of the township traffic. This, to a large extent, serves to reduce traffic congestion of the state capital.A cross section of road projects in Osogbo, Osun State capital

10. Iwo/ Gbongan road

Though this road is still under construction, the beauty of the road is already for all to see, the trumpet bridge on top of it itself is a beauty to behold.

Credit to Osun Defender..... 

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