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From the recently concluded vice-presidential debates, the vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Peter Obi, caught red-handed for reeling out fake and outlandish figures on Friday night...

According to a Twitter user, Adebayo Bankole Akintunde who tweets some facts and checks about Peter Obi speech:

His tweet:

@AdeBanqie 14h
A liar will steal.
A liar will kill.
A liar will destroy lives.
Peter Obi is a liar.
A ridiculous liar.
Just look at the lies he put out on National TV.
That is somebody's father, lying so shamelessly without remorse.
Thank God he has been fact-checked. #VPDebate


Fact claim by Peter Obi: “Oil gives you 80% of foreign exchange earnings” 

Checked: “False. As at 2017 National Bureau of Statistics, NBS figures showed that Nigeria's foreign exchange earnings from oil, the oil sector stood above 90%”



Fact claim by Peter Obi: There are about two million vehicles in Nigeria. 

Checked: False. “According to the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS. Nigeria has a total vehicle population of about 11,547,236 as at the third quarter of the year 2017.” 



Fact claim by Peter Obi: “Total loans from the banks in Nigeria is N19trn and only 0.5% goes to SMEs.” 

Checked: False. “According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. Money and credit statistics banking sector credit to private increased to N22.72 trillion at the end of October 2018, compared with N22.56 trillion it stood at the end of September 2018.” 



Fact claim by Peter Obi: “African trade today is less than 9%.” 

Checked: False. “According to Afriexim Bank, Intra-Africa trade is around 15%in 2016, now Intra-Africa exports made up to 18% of total exports according to Brookings Institution.” 


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