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How to Start Importation Business in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kanye among others with Only $20 or Less. 

How to Start Importation Business. Are you unemployed and thinking of how to earn a living even with a meager amount of money? Are you considering how to start importation business even with your little money?

Well, I wish to inform you that you are now in the right place as I will show you all you need to do to start importation business with just $20 only and completely transform your life for the better.

NOTE: the first 10 people to join the whatsapp group will be given the ebook @ the rate of 1k. After that, another first 15 people to join will be given @ the rate 1500#. Others, the ebook is 3k. 

[ below I included some pictures... Go through and confirm what am saying; (the price on the goods is in RMB, and 1 RMB to naira is N52.14k) (1RMB to the dollar is $0.14) ]

So let continue... Yes, you read that right. With just $20 USD you can start importing things into the country and obviously become one of the importers in your country.

Now, I would not want to limit this piece on how to start importation with just $20 as you can invest even more into it, and I will tell you how.

You can import items such as:

  • mobile phones,
  • computers, tablets, 
  • power banks, 
  • kitchen utensils, 
  • office equipment, 
  • home appliances, 
  • clothes, 
  • shoes, 
  • bags, 
  • women hairs, 
  • electronics, 
  • toiletries and other things you may wish to import at amazing prices.

I guess you will be wondering how possible that is – relax until your done reading this n I bet you’ll be glad you did. Please note that importation can also take place on a large scale but I will be focusing mainly on a small scale because that is my area of interest.

Now pay attention as I take you on a journey of how to start importation business.

But before I proceed, below are some of the things we're going to talk about:

πŸ‘‰1. To understand the preliminaries of Importation.

πŸ‘‰2. How to place an order.

πŸ‘‰3. How to get various contacts of MANUFACTURERS in different countries e.g China, Vietnam e.t.c...

πŸ‘‰4. How to get contacts of trustworthy shipping agents to move your goods to your DOORSTEP.

πŸ‘‰5. Teach you basic and easy skills on how to search for cheap GOODS.

πŸ‘‰6. Continual support and mentorship consisting of what to ship to bring in more profits e.t.c...

πŸ‘‰7. Last but not least, will teach you how to market your goods online using Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Jiji, Olx, etc...

This is the summary of what I will teach you



Below, are the list of Countries you will be taught on how to import from…

1. πŸ‘‰Common mistakes with importation business and how to avoid them.
2. πŸ‘‰How to start importation with small capital ($10 to $15 or $20).
3. πŸ‘‰Things you should know before starting a Mini Importation business.
4. πŸ‘‰Lists of hot selling products in Nigeria
5. πŸ‘‰Negative products criteria (recommendation of products not to import and reasons)
6. πŸ‘‰How to buy goods from China (direct from factory).
7. πŸ‘‰How to chat with suppliers from China...
8. πŸ‘‰How to spot good quality, hot selling products to import.
9. πŸ‘‰How to make online payment securely and cheaply

10. πŸ‘‰How to track the location of your goods when shipped.

11. πŸ‘‰Fast and cheap logistics companies and their contacts

12. πŸ‘‰How to avoid being scammed by fake logistics

13. πŸ‘‰How to get the products delivered to you at your doorstep...

*✅One on one guidance till you're able to import successfully on your own!!!*

So hurry up and chat with us @

importation business importation business

NOTE: Please and please don't call me, just chat me Whatsapp and I will reply in a few minutes...

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