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If you ask me today, that where is the best and safest place to tread all your crypto-currency? My answer is still @Truexgold.Com, this is the nigeria’s no.1 crypto-currency exchanger were you'll instantly buy, sell or exchange 💱 any of your E-currencies such as: perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planetofbets, and fifty other digital currencies to every other. 

They maintain the simplest rates during this industry and about 90% of transactions are fully automated.

Delay has no place here because they need got highly skilled but professional website operators who work around the clock to make sure your orders are processed in timely manner. 

They need also got an honest affiliate and investment programs of which you'll partake in and observe massive income.

Also, on their Security protection, creating an account with them, their server is 100% secured, your wallet and your earnings are safe and you'll withdraw anytime you would like.

As for their customer service support center is usually ready and available to attend to each needs and complaints of their customers 24/7.

How to sign up on TruexGOLD’s website. 

Signing up on TruexGOLD has been made so easy:
  • Visit the homepage, and check the right hand top. You’ll see two options Sign in / Sign up

  •  Hit the Sign up, since you’ll be creating a new account.

  • Enter your Login, ie first name.
  • After filling in your login, enter your official email. Choose a password, and enter it again.
  • Then followed by answering the recaptcha, then tick to accept their terms and conditions.

After hitting Sign Up, you’ll get an email. Mine was caught in the spam folder, no thanks to Gmail bots.
You should try and thick on not spam since you’ll be working with them for a lifetime!
After creating the account, click your name at the right hand top or visit My ACCOUNT.
Enter your full names, phone number, Skype ID and passport number.
Make sure to use the exact names you have on your national ID card and bank account to avoid complications.
The next step is account verification.

How To Verify Your TruexGOLD Account
Verification of your account is very easy, and it is for your (and my) own good.
It will help make sure all the funds coming in to the system are legit, and the know your customer (KYC) is mandatory for anyone dealing on currencies.
To continue with the verification;
  • Login to your account, and visit this link. You can also click on your name at the top right, directly before the exit button.
  • Check the right hand side of the account, you will see your User Verification status, it will be unverified if you’re yet to do anything. Click on Go To Verification, or use this link.

  • Provide your national ID card, and take a photo as requested on the page. You will also be called by your account manager to verify your phone number.
You can upload the documents by scrolling to the bottom.

How To Buy And Sell Ethereum ETH On TruexGOLD

On this next stage is how to buy and sell Ethereum ETH on TruexGOLD.
  • Login and click on EXCHANGE at the top of the website.
  • Click on the Ethereum ETH (tagged 1 in the picture below) button, so it will take you straight to the exchange tool. It is the second item on the page.
  • You’ll see different currencies you can trade on there, click on ₦ Naira NGN (tagged 2 in the picture below) since it’s what we’ll be working with.

After that, you will be taken to a page where you’ll see the option to check the current exchange rate and other things.

You can send or receive, and it is handled by an operator manually.
On average, exchanging of currencies on the platform take an average of 5 minutes to 1 hour, and differ with not working days.

Affilaite program

Truexgold’s affiliate program was developed with the vision to reward users who have taken the pains and worked hard to let their family, friends, relatives or social media pals realize us and activities during a positive way. They designed a really simple but profitable loyalty rewards for all affiliates.
You do not got to register on the location separately as an affiliate in other to participate. Every registered user on the web site can participate in our affiliate program. 

How affilaite make money on their website? 

Affiliates make money from exchange transactions of their referrals on our website. The quantity each affiliate earns depends on such affiliate’s loyalty point. An affiliate on a loyalty point 7 and earning 50% will make extra money than an affiliate on loyalty point 1 who is earning 32% within the same volume of affiliate transaction.

Affilaite income withdraw

There is no specific time to form a withdrawal of affiliate earnings. Users can withdraw their affiliate earnings at anytime they deem fit even immediately after a partner’s exchange, however, the minimum affiliate payout is 20 USD. An admin will approve your request within 1 to 24 hours of every request. They invite every user to use this special opportunity to form additional income by referring their friends to TruexGOLD’s auto exchange website. Official promotional banners and your affiliate link are often accessed through the affiliate dashboard.

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What are you waiting for... Hurry up now, and join them by signing up @ Truexgold.Com 


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