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A Legal Practitioner Gives Reasons to High Crime Rate in Nigeria

Sep 5, 2021
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Julius Ajibulu, a legal practitioner and the founder of the Julius-Ajib Foundation, JAF, has stated that the rise in crime in Nigeria is due to the dilapidated state of many correctional facilities.

Speaking at the JAF’s launch and fundraising ceremony in Lagos, Ajibulu stated that inmates are expected to leave well-educated and with skills acquired during their time in correctional facilities.

He added that the NGO, which would provide free legal services to all Nigerians, would also see to it that remorseful inmates received legal representation.

“We have about 214 correctional facilities in the country with about 7,723 inmates, many of whom are awaiting trial,” he says. The correctional facilities are in disrepair.

There is insufficient infrastructure to properly rehabilitate inmates. The state of these facilities contributes psychologically to the inmates’ mental well-being. Many of them would have emerged a better person, but their surroundings played a significant role in the outcome of their actions.

“In order to reduce the increase in criminal activity in the country, we need well-structured and rehabilitation programs in correctional facilities.”



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