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Alaafin, I’m Still King, and Why I Remain Head of The Yorubaland

Aug 30, 2021
Alaafin of Oyo

The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, stated over the weekend that he is the only Yoruba king who reserves the exclusive right to confer chieftaincy titles covering Yorubaland on deserving individuals.

He made the remarks during the presentation of the chieftaincy titles of Atobaase and Ayedero of Yorubaland to Messrs Babajide Agunbiade and Shina Peller, respectively.

The supreme ruler, who described Agunbiade and Peller as eminently qualified for the positions, stated that “from time immemorial, I’ve been a king and head of the Yoruba Nation.” I am Yorubaland’s only king who can bestow the chieftaincy title on a deserving individual, man or woman, to govern Yorubaland.”

“In exercising this right, successive Alaafin of Oyo have been guided by due process in the appointment of Yoruba to chieftaincy that covers the entire Yorubaland,” the monerch said.

“It takes a lot of courage to be invited into Yoruba royalty and considered for these Yoruba-wide titles. The chieftaincy titles have been awarded to Agunbiade and Peller, both of whom are based in the United States.

“They are indigenous people with impeccable personalities. Because of their contributions to society and outstanding representation in their various industries and fields of endeavor, I made the decision to bestow historical titles on these two prominent Oyo and proud Yoruba sons of mine.

“Agunbiade is one of the most cerebral oil and gas experts, most notably for gallantly representing Nigeria in global oil and gas, rising to the leadership in global oil and gas. I am honored to be associated with such brilliance. He’s a passionate, competent, dependable, and well-versed individual who goes above and beyond to ensure that those around him reach their full potential.”

Shina Peller, the newly conferred Ayedero of Yoruba Land, had excelled in business and as a serving member of the House of Representatives, according to the Alaafin.

“As I have always made clear at every occasion and event such as this one, our pride as Yoruba is in our intrinsic traditions and cultural heritage,” the monarch said. Yoruba as a race or nation evolved a magnificent constitution that, while unwritten, is dutifully and unequivocally followed by strong convention.

“The Yoruba Chieftaincy institution is, indeed, the pillar and bedrock of our government system. As a result, a traditional ruler cannot afford to be despotic without dire consequences. As a result, he must rule in accordance with the honorable norms of our traditions.”






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