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Aregbesola to Makinde — “Why You Don’t Have Power To Put CCTV In Prison” Over Oyo Jailbreak

Oct 27, 2021

Governor ‘Seyi Makinde of Oyo State was advised by the Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, to abandon the notion of placing security cameras at Abolongo jail on Wednesday, just as the governor7 revealed the aftermath of the attack on the correctional centre.

Aregbesola’s reply followed the governor’s visit to the detention center to examine the extent of the damage caused by a gunman’s attack on the jail in Oyo town, which resulted in the escape of at least 500 detainees.

According to the Vanguard newspaper, Makinde assured that his administration would take immediate steps to preserve the plant during a visit.

During a weekend tour of the assaulted center, the governor stated that he has ordered that the major road leading to the facility be graded immediately.

He also vowed to put security cameras in the facility and connect them to the state’s security situation room.

Aregbesola’s media adviser, Sola Fasure, said on an Ibadan-based private radio station monitored by Vanguard on Wednesday: “With due respect to Governor Makinde, I am sure if the governor has such capacity that something of this sort should be done in a correctional facility.”

“It would be regarded as a recommendation. Everyone is so concerned about making a statement in the spirit of the time, but not necessarily because it is the appropriate one to make.”

“All correctional facilities in the country are undergoing continuing upgrades. It’s too bad it didn’t make it to Abolongo before the incident. As you may be aware, the majority of convicts in correctional facilities are awaiting trial. That makes it difficult to find a place to stay.”

“As a result, the federal government is constructing a facility with a capacity of 300,000 in each of the six geopolitical zones. The ones in Abuja and Kano are virtually finished. There will be a court for each facility. As a result, the issue of bringing suspects to court will be resolved.”

“But what we really need is state government, because state offenders account for 99 percent of all offenders.” They are the ones who are awaiting trials and taking up the majority of the available space.”

“At one point, the federal government proposed that holding centers be built, with the NCS assisting with staffing and management. Then to speed up the wheel of justice so that justice can be served speedily. So that we don’t keep awaiting trial inmates in detention for too long.”

“The state government may play a significant role in this area by constructing holding centers and speeding up the justice system. Adjournment is used by lawyers to frustrate justices. The state government can really conduct a review and cancel adjournment in order to ensure that justice is served fast.”

“The facility is being upgraded, and it will eventually reach every facility in the country where a contemporary facility will be established. So, above all, we require decongestion, particularly among the awaiting trial inmates who are within the control of the state government.”

“It’s no problem if the state government wants to help. At the absolute least, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’m merely clarifying something. What you don’t have, you can’t give. You have no authority to tell another agency what to do. That’s what I’m attempting to convey.”

“The question of facility upgrades is entirely within the ministry of interior and the NCS’s jurisdiction. The state government does not have any correctional facility holding centers.”

“However, as I previously stated, if the state governments wish to assist, they will notify the relevant authorities.” And your assistance will be much appreciated,” he added.

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