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How Courtesan Throw Up Blood in Osun, After A Weird Encounter

Dec 28, 2021
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After an interaction with three alleged ritualists on Friday, an unidentified sex worker has been vomiting blood.

The ritualists allegedly picked her up from a hotel in Osogbo, Osun State’s capital, on Friday night.

When they arrived at a hotel on West Bypass, the ritualists requested a threesome, according to a source.

She explained that she could only manage two males at a time.

One of the men struck her with what appeared to be a charm during the bartering.

She went into a coma and began vomiting blood.

On Sunday evening, Amitolu Shittu, the Field Commander of Osun Amotekun, verified the incident to our correspondent.

“I personally led the squad that visited the Adetunji Estate entrance that evening,” he claimed.

“Before she started vomiting blood, the lady told me she was from Sagamu in Ogun State but lived in Ofatedo.

“She mentioned Becky as a friend of hers. She claimed that three guys had escorted her from another hotel in Ofatedo to a motel near West Bye Pass.

“At the motel, they told her she’d be sleeping with three of them, but the lady said she only wanted to sleep with two of them.”

“While showering with one of the males, the alleged ritualist struck the lady in the head with charm, knocking her out.”

“When she started vomiting blood, she was still chatting to me.”

“Because it was late, I requested a nearby night guard to keep an eye on her while I arranged for an ambulance.”

“By the time I arrived, her friend Becky had arrived with a bus to transport her.

“It was such a pitiful tale.”

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