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How End of The Year Festival Turns Bloody, Leaving One Person Dead

Dec 28, 2021
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On Monday, one person was reportedly killed in Igbaye, Osun state, following a conflict that arose during the town’s end-of-year carnival celebration.

According to a high security source who requested anonymity, the immediate root of the issue was a misunderstanding that began at the end-of-year carnival venue.

He did add, however, that the squabbles between the groups involved in the situation were not unrelated to the fight over the Onigbaye seat.

He went on to say that the clash’s causality, a guy who was shot, was brought to a hospital in Okuku, where he later passed away.

“The incident erupted during a year-end festival. The specifics aren’t yet accessible, but based on the findings, the distant source of the problem was not unrelated to the Onigbaye stool.

“A man was shot and brought to an Okuku hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The community has been bolstered by police operations, Amotekun corps members, and local hunters,” the insider said.

Oba Joseph Okunlola-Oni, the Onigbaye of Igbaye, could not be reached for comment on his cellphone because the line had been shut off, and a response to a text message given to him was still awaiting as of the time of filing this story.

When contacted, Yemisi Opalola, the spokesperson for the Osun Police Command, stated that there was unrest in the town as a result of the carnival celebrations.

“The Commissioner has mobilized our tactical teams,” Opalola added, however she did not confirm that a life had been lost as a result of the events. A carnival celebration sparked the unrest. Our guys, on the other hand, are on the ground and have brought the situation under control.”





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