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In Osun, Amotekun Arrests A Man With Human Parts

Jan 6, 2022

Osun Breaking News, Amotekun Arrests Man With Human Parts

On Wednesday, Amotekun agents from the Osun Security Network Agency nabbed a suspect with mutilated body parts.

The suspect was almost lynched by residents in Igege town in the state’s Ola-Oluwa Southeast Local Council Development Authority before being rescued by Amotekun operatives.

Residents allegedly confronted the man and forced him to unload the contents of his “Ghana Must Go” bag, which turned out to be a human body part.

Despite the fact that the suspect in the recorded video claimed he was set up, the residents around him beat him up until he was taken away by Amotekun Corps to their Telemu headquarters.

Sunday Olaifa, Chairman of the Ola-Oluwa Southeast LCDA, confirmed the event and urged a thorough inquiry into how the suspect came to be in possession of the part.

He claimed the man was taken to Osogbo, the state capital, to avoid a situation in which locals might try to lynch him.

“It’s true that the man was captured with body parts,” he added, “but we demand that the case be thoroughly examined because the suspect claimed he was set up by his “alleged” son-in-law, therefore the situation should be completely investigated.”

Meanwhile, SP Yemisi Opalola, an Osun police spokeswoman, said the Commissioner of Police had been briefed about the event and that personnel had been deployed to the location, but that more information would be provided to journalists later.


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