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Mother Explains Why She Auctioned Her Three-Month-Old Baby for 150,000 Naira

Oct 23, 2021
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Miss Mercy Okon, a 23-year-old mother of three, revealed that she sold her 3-month-old baby for 150,000 naira because she needed the money to pay her house rent and other bills.

She told newsmen that she did what she did to help herself out of poverty and desperation.

According to her, the child’s father abandoned her when she was six months pregnant, and she has two other children whom she has left with her mother because she has just given birth and is unable to continue with her food business.

“I have never done this before, my baby that I sold for 150,000 naira was to be able to raise money for house rents and sort myself out in terms of other bills,” she explained.

“The father of the baby left us when I was six months pregnant; I had no choice because things were really difficult for me, so I had to give out the baby; however, the person who linked me up initially told me that his brother wanted to marry me.”

“I was offered 150,000, which I accepted before handing over my three-month-old baby to them, and in the process, police got involved and I was arrested,” she explained.

According to reports, efforts are being made to apprehend other members of the group.




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