• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Osun Anthem

Yoruba Version

Ise wa fun ile wa

Fun Ile Ibi Wa

Ka gbee ga

Ka gbee ga

Ka gbee ga fun aye ri

Igbagbo wa ni pe

Bati beru la bomo

Ka sise

Ka sise

Ka sise ka jo la

Isokan ati ominira

Ni ke je ka maa lepa

Tesiwaju f opo ire

Ati ohun to dara

Omo Oodua dide

Bo si ipo eto re

Iwo ni imole

Gbogbo Adulawo


English Version

There is work for us to do

For our motherland

Let’s uplift it, let’s uplift it

Uplift it for the world to see

Our belief is that;

The way a child was born, so was a slave

Let’s work, let’s labour

Let’s work, so we can together prosper

Unity and freedom

Should be our pursuit

March on for plenty success

And all that is good

The child of Oodua arise

Take your rightful place

For you are the light

Of the black race

Yoruba Version, Mp3