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The Unforgettable Days In Secondary School

Nov 7, 2021


1. You feel like you are in another world.
2. When seniors enter your class they will call you little frog, and you answer woo!!!.
3. Your school uniform will be 3-quarter instead of short, girl’s; wedding gown instead of short gown.
4. When you hear the school bell for closing time, you shout go home!!!


1. You begin to grow wings.
2. You start going to school late instead of 7.00am it will be 7.40am.
3. You start missing lessons.


1. Omo level Don change now.
2. U dey see ur sef like a final year student in D University.
3. U start to insult seniors.
4. After junior WAEC, U spoil some school properties.


1. Omo level Don high.
2. U Don enter D planet of Apes.
3. You begin dey carry cane dey flog any junior student way no greet U as senior.
4. U begin to dey write love letters for class.


1. Omo U Don become principal.
2. U begin dey go school by 9.30am and start dey hold late comers
3. No more school sandals.
4. You start to dey carry phone go school.
5. Wen u give junior student #50 u tell him or her to buy u lacassera #120, gala#100, pure water #10 bring change #100.
5. No more hair cut.


1. U DON become Mr. lecturer.
2. U begin dey go school 3-times in a week.
3. U dey go school 10.00am & go back 12.30pm.
4. U begin dey scope ur sexy female teachers, girls will begin dey fix date with there male teachers.
5. Girls go dey carry make-up go school.
6. School authorities are now ur class mate no need to fear dem again.
7. U dae carry small bag go school instead of huge school bag…

E. T. C. Don’t laugh alone share to ur friends and see there reactions…

Secondary school lyf is D BEST…

You got more, drop it in the comments section below!

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