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Two Girls Killed by Lightning in Osun Community

Aug 30, 2021


On Sunday, the Orisa Elejin community in Ikirun, Osun State, was in disarray after two girls were purportedly struck by lightning and died.

The incident occurred during a light rain, according to reports.

The girls were found dead on the playground of an Arabic school when lightning hit, according to Hassan Okanlawon, Chairman of the Ifelodun Local Government Area, Ikirun, who confirmed the event.

According to Okanlawon, the deceased were living in the vicinity with their grandma.

When the LG supervisor arrived on the scene, he was told that the two females had been requested to go out and get ingredients for supper.

“Lightning struck them on their way, and they both died on the spot,” he explained. They were staying with their grandmother at the time. One was from Delta State, while the other was from Ondo State.

“I was warned that we wouldn’t be able to remove their remains right away. According to them, Sango devotees must undertake certain rites.

“I was told that several Ede-based Sango worshipers were on their way to the scene.”

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