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We’re Going on Strike, But Not Tomorrow — ASUU

Aug 30, 2021

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, will not go on strike starting Tuesday, according to a member of the union’s National Executive Committee, NEC.

Dr. Dele Ashiru, a member of the NEC and the Chairman of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, chapter, explained to Vanguard on Monday that there are steps and processes in place for the union to go on strike.

He did agree, however, that the union had given the Federal Government until Tuesday, August 31, to meet some demands.

Ashiru stated, “Yes, we gave the government until the end of this month to meet some of our demands.”

“However, if the demands are not met within the specified time frame, we will not initiate a strike on the same day.

“The reason for this is that ASUU is not a one-man union and is not run in the manner of a one-man show. If the demands are not met, the national leadership will convene a NEC meeting and report back to it.

“The next step would be determined at that NEC meeting. As of now, no NEC meeting has been called, so there is no chance of a strike beginning on Tuesday.

“Our demands to the government are limited to three. We want the government to sign and carry out the renegotiated agreement we reached with them.

“That the government also mainstream our Academic Earned Allowances and pay the N40 billion Revitalisation Fund,” he added.

Remember that last year, the union and the FG clashed, resulting in a nine-month strike by ASUU.

The strike was called off in December, but most of the government’s promises have yet to be fulfilled.

The union also wants the government to address the implementation of the Integrated Personnel Payroll and Information System, or IPPIS, as well as the proliferation of universities, particularly by state governments in the face of inadequate funding.





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