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Why #EndSARS Will Continue To Have Significant Space In Our Annual History — Ooni Of Ife

Oct 21, 2021

During the powerful #EndSARS protest, the army and police used excessive force, killing at least 56 people. Take action now to demand justice for those who died in Nigeria while protesting police violence.

On October 20, between 6:45 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., the Nigerian army and police allegedly killed at least 12 peaceful protesters and injured several others in the cosmopolitan city of Lagos’s Lekki and Alausa neighborhoods.

Without warning, security forces opened fire on thousands of people peacefully protesting for good governance and an end to police violence as part of the #EndSARS movement.

On that single day, 38 people are said to have died across Nigeria.

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has posted on his Instagram page, following the anniversary.

“#ENDSARS will continue to have a significant space in the annals of our history. It was a monumental cause a year ago that unified the brilliant young people of our great nation. It was a cause that they believed in, embarked upon, and demanded for transparent accountability, good leadership, inclusiveness governance, equal rights for all irrespective of social status or position of privilege. Our young people are the greatest assets of our nation and they are determined to help Nigeria achieve its potential as they have the fire of patriotism burning inside of them.

“We must not shy away from our collective challenges because this nation belongs to us all and our youths remain the most critical stakeholders in finding solutions to our problems and driving the future of Nigeria into its desired destinations. They are full of creativity, honesty, authenticity, and most importantly with a hopeful ambition to build a secure future that we all can be proud of through their innovative spirit.

“No matter how fierce and conscripted the struggle may be, our nationalism spirit can win the battle of greatness that Nigeria seeks when we are purposefully.

“To all Nigerian youths, whatever the hopes of this nation will be in the future lies in your hand. This beautiful nation with abundant God given resources belongs to you all. I would like to crave your indulgence to seek for active participation in governance through the democratic system. You have numerical strengths, and no one can defeat you when you come together in unity.

“I implore our political leaders to begin to seek for honest, frank, and genuine conversations with our young people as well as stimulate the credible governance system that all Nigerians can trust as history is a reminder of the past and the preserver of the future of all human endeavours.

“In a free and open society, the solid foundation of the leadership responsibilities is laid on selflessness. Therefore, we must restore the hope of good governance, implement a system that is not reactive, but proactive and responsive to the demands of Nigeria. No one is above the blessing of this beautiful country Nigeria, as every political officeholder is a servant of the Nigerian state. He said.

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