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Why Vaccination Cards Won’t Necessary For Underage Candidates — JAMB

Dec 29, 2021

Nigeria News Now | Vaccination Cards Won’t Necessary For Underage Candidates

Candidates and visitors under the age of 18 are not obliged to disclose COVID-19 vaccination cards before being admitted to JAMB examination venues and facilities, according to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

According to a statement signed by Fabian Benjamin, the head of JAMB’s media and protocol unit, individuals required to present immunization cards are those covered by the NCDC Vaccination Policy.

Benjamin explained that the clarification was essential because “many underage candidates were making frantic efforts to get vaccinated, with some even misrepresenting their age to be vaccinated merely to access services at the Board’s facilities,” according to Benjamin.

“All applicants, clientele, and other members of the public under the age of 18 years are not obliged to provide any immunization card before being permitted entry to our facilities,” the statement reads in part. The NCDC immunization policy does not apply to this group of people.”

The examination body, on the other hand, stated that it would seek proof of age before allowing anyone under the age of 18 access to its facilities.

However, we learned from a report that the Board had announced a policy of no vaccination card, no entry into any of its facilities nationwide, but that many underage candidates were frantically trying to get vaccinated, with some even lying about their age to get vaccinated just to gain access to the Board’s facilities.

“It is important to highlight that the Board’s policy is consistent with the NCDC’s policy of no vaccination, no access to public areas, and guaranteeing that only those who are eligible for vaccination are vaccinated and given the card.”

“In the meanwhile, in light of the possibility of individual misuse, the Board would require proof of age before allowing any underage person access to its facilities.”

“This directive is intended to safeguard the general public as well as the Board’s staff from the ravaging virus, and we would like everyone to do their bit in ensuring that we have a healthy and productive populace.”

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